Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Standing @ Zero: West Side Story's Corey John Snide

Though he began his stage career in a leading role - he was a Billy Elliot in both the West End and Australia - as a Broadway Baby, Corey John Snide's been an amazing utility player. He was the Evan alternate in 13, an understudy/swing/dance captain in the recent revival of Carousel, and now performs in the ensemble of West Side Story, where he also understudies Riff and is the show's fight captain. In the midst of all that, he's a Julliard graduate! But his association with Cats is perhaps the most significant. In the revival of that show, he not only played Coricopat, he was also an understudy and dance captain. And as swing, he went on in nine different male roles, as well as Jennyanydots once! (He's also in the film...) Talk about a Standing @ Zero Hero!

Standing @ Zero
West Side Story's
Corey John Snide

Billy Elliot: The Musical

Backstage at 13


as Mr. Mistoffeles

as Skimbleshanks

in the ensemble of the film version

with castmates in Carousel

with castmates in West Side Story


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