Friday, December 4, 2020

Broadway Games: A Broadway Blend Jumble

How about a Broadway word puzzle to start your weekend off right? We have blended together two musical titles. To figure it out, you'll need to figure out the clues. The orange boxes on the clues represent letters in the answer. Unscramble those letter to get the answer!

Broadway Games:
A Broadway Blend Jumble

HINT: When Simba meets Anna

𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠


1. The magazine you get at each show.  

2. The show where you live, you learn.  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠

3. She arrives in a bubble.  

4. Kinky Song:  "The Sex is in the ..."

5. Where the Women are.
𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠

6. Sherrie and Stacee Jaxx headlined this show.
𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠

7. He scored Matilda and Groundhog Day.
𛲠𛲠𛲠  𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠𛲠


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