Friday, April 16, 2021

Broadway Games: How Well Do You Know Your Playbill Covers?

How Well Do You Know
Your Playbill Covers?
Can you recognize these shows from their Playbill covers - just the banner and a little bit of the logo? Good luck!












Answers to Last Week's Game:
More 2000's Tony-winning Lyrics

1.     "I don't wanna wear this no more.
        Play the saucy Swiss miss no more.
        Blow my signature 'kiss' no more."

Show: The Drowsy Chaperone      
Song Title: "No More"   
Character: Janet Van De Graaff (Sutton Foster)    
Lyricist:Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison

2.     "There's a town I call home
        where the streets are paved with soul.
        Down on Beale, there's a honkey-tonk bar,
        hear the wail of the blues guitar,
        have a beer and drop a dime
        in the blind man's jar."

Show: Memphis      
Song Title: "Memphis Lives in Me"       
Character: Huey (Chad Kimball)       
Lyricist: Joe DiPietro & David Bryan

3.     "I can't tell you I know what the answer will be.
        It's impossible.
        But this thing, this is bigger than what we can see.
        This is destiny.
        We are tied, we are locked, we are bound;
        This will not be reversed or unwound."

Show: The Bridges of Madison County      
Song Title: "One Second & a Million Miles"        
Character: Robert (Steven Pasquale)        
Lyricist: Jason Robert Brown            

4.     "Stick a pin in a map of the desert.
        Build a road to the middle of the desert.
        Pour cement on the spot in the desert.
        That's Bet Hatikvah."

Show: The Band's Visit      
Song Title: "Welcome to Nowhere"       
Character:  Dina (Katrina Lenk)      
Lyricist: David Yazbek

5.     "I only run the toilet
        In this part of town, you see.
        So, if you've got to go,
        You've got to go through me."

Show: Urinetown: The Musical       
Song Title: "It's a Privilege to Pee"        
Character: Penelope Pennywise (Nancy Opel)
Lyricist: Mark Hollmann & Greg Kotis            


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