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Broadway Games: More 2000's Tony-winning Lyrics

Last week's game proved to be quite popular! Seems all you show tunes fans enjoy a challenge. So here are 5 more (no repeats from last week, either!). Oh! And the answers to last week's game are at the bottom. 
Good luck! 

Broadway Games:
More 2000's 
Tony-winning Lyrics

Here's how it works: Below are lyrics from a song that is part a Tony Award-winning Best Score from 2000 - 2019 - anything from Aida Hadestown. Naming the show may prove difficult enough, but show us how much of a musical theater master you are by also naming the song title, lyricist and what character(s) sang it.

Remember: Each will come from a Tony-winning score. Also, the gentleman in the picture above does not  figure into this week's game.

1.     "I don't wanna wear this no more.
        Play the saucy Swiss miss no more.
        Blow my signature 'kiss' no more."

Song Title:        

2.     "There's a town I call home
        where the streets are paved with soul.
        Down on Beale, there's a honkey-tonk bar,
        hear the wail of the blues guitar,
        have a beer and drop a dime
        in the blind man's jar."

Song Title:        

3.     "I can't tell you I know what the answer will be.
        It's impossible.
        But this thing, this is bigger than what we can see.
        This is destiny.
        We are tied, we are locked, we are bound;
        This will not be reversed or unwound."

Song Title:        

4.     "Stick a pin in a map of the desert.
        Build a road to the middle of the desert.
        Pour cement on the spot in the desert.
        That's Bet Hatikvah."

Song Title:        

5.     "I only run the toilet
        In this part of town, you see.
        So, if you've got to go,
        You've got to go through me."

Song Title:        


Answers to Last Week's Game:
2000's Tony-winning Lyrics

1.     "Never compromise, accept no substitute...ahh
        I would rather wear a barrel...ahh
        Than conservative apparel...ahh"

Show:  Aida      
Song Title:  "My Strongest Suit"           
Character: Amneris (Sherie Rene Scott)
Lyricist: Tim Rice  

2.        "You sit in the quad, and think,
            'Oh my God! I am totally gonna go far!'"

Show: Avenue Q      
Song Title: "I Wish I Could Go Back to College"             
Character: Princeton (John Tartaglia)
Lyricist: Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx 

3.        "If I won the lotto tomorrow, well I know
            I wouldn't bother going on no spending spree
            I'd pick a business school and pay the entrance fee
            Then maybe, if you're lucky, you'll stay friends with me.
            I'll be a business, richer than Nina's daddy,
            Donald Trump and I on the links, and he's the caddy."

Show: In the Heights     
Song Title: "96,000"         
Character: Benny (Christopher Jackson)
Lyricist: Lin-Manuel Miranda       

4.        "This ain't no game
            That we got a ton of rotten fruit and perfect aim.

            So they gave their word?
            Well, it ain't worth beans!
            Now they gonna see what 'Stop the presses' really means!"

Show: Newsies: The Musical       
Song Title: "The World Will Know"    
Character: The Newsies
Lyricist: Jack Feldman

5.        "But Alexander I'll never forget the first time I saw your face.
            I have never been the same.
            Intelligent eyes in a hunger pain fame.
            And when you said, 'hi,' I forgot my dang name.
            You set my heart aflame, every part aflame, this ain't no game."

Show: Hamilton       
Song Title: "Satisfied"       
Character: Angelica
Lyricist: Lin-Manuel Miranda       

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