Friday, April 2, 2021

Broadway Games: 2000's Tony-Winning Lyrics

How well do you know your 21st century Broadway lyrics? Over the first 20+ years of the new millennium there have been dozens of new scores written, and this week's game will test your knowledge of them.

Broadway Games:
2000's Tony-Winning Lyrics

Here's how it works:
Below are lyrics from a song that is part a Tony Award-winning Best Score from 2000 - 2019 - anything from Aida - Hadestown. Naming the show may prove difficult enough, but show us how much of a musical theater master you are by also naming the song title, lyricist and what character(s) sang it.

Remember: Each will come from a Tony-winning score. Also, the gentlemen in the picture above do not  figure into this week's game.

1.     "Never compromise, accept no substitute...ahh
        I would rather wear a barrel...ahh
        Than conservative apparel...ahh"

Show:        Song Title:        Character:        Lyricist:        

2.        "You sit in the quad, and think,
            'Oh my God! I am totally gonna go far!'"

Show:        Song Title:        Character:        Lyricist:        

3.        "If I won the lotto tomorrow, well I know
            I wouldn't bother going on no spending spree
            I'd pick a business school and pay the entrance fee
            Then maybe, if you're lucky, you'll stay friends with me.
            I'll be a business, richer than Nina's daddy,
            Donald Trump and I on the links, and he's the caddy."

Show:        Song Title:        Character:        Lyricist:        

4.        "This ain't no game
            That we got a ton of rotten fruit and perfect aim.

            So they gave their word?
            Well, it ain't worth beans!
            Now they gonna see what 'Stop the presses' really means!"

Show:        Song Title:        Character:        Lyricist:        

5.        "But Alexander I'll never forget the first time I saw your face.
            I have never been the same.
            Intelligent eyes in a hunger pain fame.
            And when you said, 'hi,' I forgot my dang name.
            You set my heart aflame, every part aflame, this ain't no game."

Show:        Song Title:        Character:        Lyricist:        


Answers to Last Week's Game:
Pop Hits/Broadway Flops

1. The Capeman     J. Paul Simon
2. Chess     H. ABBA
3. Cry-Baby     E. Fountains of Wayne
4. Finding Neverland     I. Take That
5. Ghost: The Musical     B. Eurythmics
6. Hands on a Hardbody     F. Phish
7. The Last Ship     D. Sting
8. Lestat     C. Elton John
9. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark     G. U2
10. Taboo     A. Boy George

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