Friday, July 16, 2021

Broadway Games: What's Missing?

Broadway Games:
What's Missing?

Below are lists, each having something to do with Broadway. But each list is missing something. If you can figure out what each list is, you'll know what's missing! Good luck!

1. Shubert Theatre, St. James Theatre, Majestic Theatre, __________

2. Dean Jones, Larry Kert, Boyd Gaines, Raul Esparza, ___________

3. Donna, Sam, Tanya, Harry, Rosie, _______________

4. Sunday in the Park with George, Into the Woods, __________

5. Madame Arcati, Rose, Nellie Lovett, Countess Aurelia, ____________


Answers to Last Week's

Broadway Games

Rebuses: Show Folk Edition

This week's picture puzzles are all people in the theater! (The answers to last week's game are at the bottom.) Good luck!

Will + Yam + Fin = William Finn

Ann + Drew + Lloyd (Bridges) + Webber (Grill) = Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lynn (Redgrave) + Man + Well + Miranda (The Devil Wears Prada
Lin-Manuel Miranda

Tom + Kitt = Tom Kitt

(The) David + Yaz + Beck (beer) = David Yazbek

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