Thursday, July 29, 2021

Celebrating Audra McDonald: Great Moments We Missed

Last week, we celebrated some of the great moments that we got to see in the illustrious career of Audra McDonald. We consider ourselves fortunate, indeed, to have witnessed so many (HERE). But when you the giant list of accomplishments Ms. McDonald has, you unfortunately end up missing a lot no matter how big a fan you are! And so, today, we celebrate this wonder with a list of those performances we are still kicking ourselves for missing! 

Celebrating Audra McDonald:
Great Moments We Missed
(in no particular order)

Lottie Gee in Shuffle Along...
We missed her twice in this show! Of course, we'll forgive her! Her child is definitely worth her missing a few shows. Still it would have been nice to see her as a song and dance gal. In the pictures, she looks like she had the time of her life.

Marie Christine L'Adrese in Marie Christine
This was a double miss for us, as we are big Michael John LaChiusa fans, almost as much as we are Audra fans. Add to that the challenge of this complex show, and we really missed out!

Sharon in Master Class
 The first of her three appearances in shows written by Terrence McNally, I'm disappointed in myself that I missed her Tony-winning turn. It is entirely my fault that I missed out. At the time, I wasn't very fond of opera and knew nothing of the subject matter, so I didn't bother. Now that I'm more aware and appreciative of the art form, I'm sure I'd love the play.

Ruth Younger in A Raisin in the Sun
One of my favorite plays, I am shocked that I missed this star-studded arrival. And she won another Tony for it. I bet she was amazing.

Lizzie Curry in 110 in the Shade
Here's another of her Tony-nominated turns. I know almost nothing about the score of this show, though I have seen the play on which it is based. But I'd have loved to see Audra act her ass off with the likes of John Cullum and Steve Kazee, not to mention a supporting cast that included Bobby Steggert, Betsy Wolfe and her future husband, Will Swensen.

Thank you, Audra, for sharing all of your gifts!


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