Monday, January 2, 2023

Our 2023 Theatrical Resolutions

It's a new year and it's time for a reset and fresh start, right? While both Mike and I surely have personal goals for 2023, today we thought we would share our theater related resolutions. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jeff: To see more plays and see more shows at a variety venues.
Every year, I hope to see every musical (new or revival) that opens on Broadway. More often than not, I manage to accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, time and money prevent me from seeing more. This year, I am hoping to expand my theater-going to include more plays. Further, I'm looking forward to taking a fuller advantage of the plentiful regional theater in my area. Already, I am working on this with tickets secured for Broadway and regional productions, both non-musical and musical productions!

Mike: To revisit and spend more time listening to my cast recording collection.
I can verify that Mike has a fair sized collection of such recordings. Talk about a variety, too. From classics to rarities, Broadway and beyond, and current to vintage, he has a lot to choose from. And you, readers, may just benefit from all of this!

Jeff: To catch up on my reading.
I have a growing collection of theater-related books. Deep dives into specific shows, a series of volumes on the history of Broadway theaters, books about the late, great Stephen Sondheim, and more are sitting in a stack in my living room. This is the year that pile gets smaller!

Mike: To organize (and clean!) my show magnet collection.
The man has amassed an enormous number of magnets - hundreds - over the years. It's a visual history of his love of theater. Like most of us, he throws them up on the refrigerator and there they sit, sparking fond memories each time he opens the door. This year, they get taken down, organized and cleaned up!

Want to share YOUR theater resolutions? Please find us (and follow) on Twitter (@jkstheatrescene), Instagram (@jkstheatrescene), or hit the comment link below and leave us a message there! 

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