Tuesday, April 10, 2018

12 of Broadway's Other Mean Girls

Well, The Plastics officially began their reign of terror on Broadway this week. But Regina, Gretchen and Karen are just the latest in a long line of theater Mean Girls.  Here is a dirty dozen of the meanest girls from the 30 longest-running Broadway shows (current rank as of 4/8/18 in parentheses):

Prima Donna, indeed!
Carlotta - The Phantom of the Opera (1) - This diva makes life Hell for the Paris Opera company. No wonder the Phantom takes such delight in messing with her!

Bebe and Ann - Real Class
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly - Chicago (2) - These two are the 7 Deadly Sins wrapped up all in one. Somehow, you can't help rooting for these murderesses anyway...

She's no Lovely Lady...
Madame Thenardier - Les Miserables (5) - What a piece of work this one is... abusive mother, abusive wife, comic relief...

Original Sheila Kelly Bishop
Shiela Bryant - A Chorus Line (6) - Mouthy, rude, disrespectful, broken...

There are 2 Mean Girls in this picture...
Galinda Upland - Wicked (7) - Before she changed her name and became a force for good, bubble girl was the school bully... Regina George must have seen this show.

It's lonely on Broadway when you are a mean girl
Dorothy Brock - 42nd Street (14) - Another diva with a mean streak. Has anyone deserved a cast more?

Original Rizzo Adrienne Barbeau
Are there worse things she could do?
Betty Rizzo - Grease (15) - Even in the 50's there were girls you just avoided in the halls of high school.

Can you hairspray mouths shut?
Amber and Velma Van Tussle - Hairspray (22) - Another high school meanie - and a racist to boot! Of course, the apple doesn't fall too far from the bigot-tree... Here's hoping they both get "Cooties."

She's so bad she comes with a warning!
Lucy the Slut - Avenue Q (24) - Who can resist this buxom felt witch of a woman? Even mean girls can make you feel special...

Is she about to paddle that little orphan?
Miss Hannigan - Annie (27) - "Little Girls" cringe at the thought of this drunken monster

Coming soon: 12 of Broadway's Mean Boys!

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