Friday, July 6, 2018

The Friday 5: Five Favorite Betty Buckley Performances

She's one of my favorite performers of all time. Like many people of my generation, I was first introduced to her by TV's Eight Is Enough, and was shocked to hear her gorgeous voice belting out "Memory." Over the years, I've seen her live many times, and even had the pleasure of meeting her. (I'm sure she doesn't remember that, but I'll never forget it!).  In honor of her recent birthday (July 3rd), I offer up my 5 favorite performances by the great Betty Buckley.


One That Got Away: Emma - Song and Dance
I had tickets - front row! - to see Betty in this show. Saturday, November 15, 1986. The show closed on Saturday, November 8, 1986. I was very disappointed and grouchy the whole week, and down right ugly on November 15th. Ask my sister...

5. Hesione - Triumph of Love
I had front row seats - think the same ones as above, actually - for this one. It didn't last long, but I loved it nonetheless. And every person in the cast was either already a star, or about to become one! And let's face it, "Serenity" is la Buckley in top form.

4. Margaret White - Carrie
If everyone who says they saw this on Broadway actually did, Carrie would still be running. Like just about everyone else, I saw this via bootleg, and she was terrifying and fierce. "And Eve Was Weak" may be one of the greatest Broadway arias ever created.

3. Grizabella - Cats
No one sings "Memory" like she does. Peerless, really. 

2. Edwin Drood - The Mystery of Edwin Drood
I've made no secret of my profound love for this show. And that last note in "The Writing On the Wall"... damn, Betty! Best of all she got to be funny, too. Her "Dick Datchery" was a RIOT!

1. Norma Desmond - Sunset Boulevard
I've seen several Normas over the years, but, seriously, she was by far the greatest star of all. My God, she was sexy, scary, fragile...sometimes all at once. And at the very end, when she's completely mad, and I saw her younger self girlishly giggling on the screen behind her, I lost it. The tears flowed and I was heartbroken for her.

I'm hoping her Dolly Levi will make this list!

Thanks for some amazing memories, Miss Buckley!

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  1. Did you get to see Betty in "Hello,Dolly"? Would love to hear what you thought of it.... Betty is an amazing performer


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