Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018 Theater Trends and Traditions

2018 Broadway Trends and Traditions

Over the past year it seems that, fueled by and shared on social media, there are some great (and positive) new-ish trendy traditions.

First up, some positive fan interaction - Fanart. Seeing what various cast members share, you can feel the caring and respect of fans, and the inspiring appreciation the actors feel. Some of it is really, good, too. ALL of it shows terrific effort. Hamilton, SpongeBob SquarePants and Head Over Heels all seemed to inspire a lot of show lovers!

Hamilton fans sure love The Schyler Sisters! (Even drawing then as Disney princesses!)
And the men get their due, too.

Even the new kid on the block inspires art!

Dear Evan Hansen

Gone, but not forgotten, some SpongeBob SquarePants love.

The ladies of Head Over Heels give and get love from fans of Arcadia!

In this age of selfies, Broadway has provided some cool photo ops. Kinky Boots has a cut out so you can can be Lola.  Head Over Heels and The Prom have photo booth type places to have a fun group shot taken. Cleverly laid out door coverings allow for some great pictures, too, like at Mean Girls and Anastasia. And Angels in America had two art installations to pose with.

It's the Land of Lola!

Even cast member Kyle Brown (right) got in a pic!

Mean Girls takes bathroom mirror selfies to a new level!

A third fun trend is posting your Playbill in front of the show curtain. On Twitter, they come with #tonightsbill.

Finally, a wonderful tradition has expanded to social media. Well-wishes from each Broadway cast have been sent to Opening Night stage doors for decades. Now they are also sent for all of us to see via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I particularly enjoy the Dear Evan Hansen series.

From Mean Girls to their new neighbor, The Cher Show

Best wishes to The Prom from Arcadia!

Avenue Q is always great for a laugh! (We will miss them so much!)

We love the Dear Evan Hansen pattern in other shows' 
color palettes. 


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