Monday, December 31, 2018

10 Favorite Broadway Shows of 2018


We were fortunate to have seen 20+ shows this year. Here are our 10 favorites, from 10 - 1:

10. The Boys in the Band

An excellent production of a historically important gay play, it was a provocative, exciting mix of cringy-retro and surprising timeliness. And that cast...

9. Carousel

Perhaps I was at an advantage having never seen any version of the show before, but I found it to a beautiful and emotional experience. The score was decent, too. 😎

8. The Waverly Gallery

Sometimes, you just know when you are in the presence of true greatness. Such was the case when witnessing the stunning realism (and profound sadness) of Elaine May's brilliant turn.

7. Three Tall Women

A true 3-for-the-price-of-1, these three women were extraordinary. See above and substitute Glenda Jackson

6. Angels in America

It's a masterpiece. It was perfectly cast, brilliantly directed, and visually incredible. It hasn't lost a smidgen of its relevancy.

5. Come From Away

It took us a while to get to this show, but it was so worth the wait. The tagline calls it "remarkable." It is that and then some. A feel-good show that heals. Rare. Deserving of its continued success.

4. The Prom

You'll laugh, you'll cry. Get your Drowsy Chaperone and Dear Evan Hansen fix in one hell of an old-fashioned modern musical comedy. That's right. Comedy. A must-see.

3. Head Over Heels

I won't bore you with another love letter to this gem of a show. I loved everything about it, and am already mourning it's much-too-soon departure next Sunday.

2. Once On This Island

The only thing about it that disappointed me: I didn't get to see it more than once. Everything about it was so brilliantly conceived and executed (more soon, please Michael Arden!). It stays with you in all the right ways. I will miss it.

1. The Band's Visit

I was so thrilled with its much-deserved 10 Tony Awards, you'd have thought I was a producer! Quiet, charming and so important. This is living proof that we can all get along. All we have to do is open ourselves, give generously and receive with grace. And now we know who Umm Kulthum was. Saw this three times, and will surely be back.


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