Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Favorite Theater of 2018: The Hudson Theatre

We had the great fortune of visiting many different theaters in 2018. The one we enjoyed the most this year is Broadway's newest (and one of its oldest), The Hudson Theatre. From the outside and top to bottom, this place is pretty terrific. It manages to be both classic and modern all at once.

The Outside

In this day and age of constant visual stimulation, it is nice to have a clutter-free theater facade to admire. That beautiful metal and glass awning has been on the place in one form or the other for a century. And how great is it that the double marquee panels are simple light-framed squares? They make for a great picture!

The heavy glass and wooden doors are striking and are so classy looking. Currently adorned with Head Over Heels photo decals, one can only imagine the variety of people who have passed through them. Before you even enter, though, a new brass plaque commemorating its return to legitimate theater use. Clearly, the sense of history attached to this place is important to the current owners.

The Lobby

There is an incredibly spacious (by New York standards) lobby with a stunning marbled walls, with ornate scroll work across the top. The detailed, bright ceiling and the elegantly simple chandeliers add to the spacious feel. You can't really tell from the picture above, but the glass above the doors is really beautiful. On the way to the elevator, another reminder of the history is around the corner - a door still marked from the days when the place was an NBC television studio.

The Dress Circle

The moment you step off the elevator, you are immediately brought into more of the history-meets-modern amenity ambiance that pervades the theater. Here is the Dress Circle bar and lobby, where they serve you drinks in actual glasses! Note the left over neon signs from Sunday in the Park with George (another show we saw here). 

The view from the dress circle seats is terrific (and frankly, so is the upper mezzanine), but the most notable thing about all of the seating at the Hudson is the generous leg room. As a relatively tall person, I really appreciate it.

As sad as I am that Head Over Heels is closing, I am looking forward to visiting this terrific space again soon.


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