Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Around the World in 80 Musicals: Part VI: The Americas

With today's entry, we conclude our world tour with the final 10 musicals which all hail from the Western Hemisphere. This batch of classics covers hits, misses, masters of musical theater, history, world leaders, gods and commoners...and an ominous movie star with the kiss of death.  We represented the United States with shows that reflect our history. Why? Because coming soon, we will tour the good old U.S. of A. with a new series - Around the States in 80 musicals!

The data comes from The Playbill Vault and Internet Broadway Database, and details the original Broadway production. Many of the shows take place in multiple countries, but (for the most part) we include them under their primary setting. In limiting it to 80 shows, obviously some favorites are going to be left out. We'd love to hear from you with your favorites that we missed.

Around the World in 80 Musicals
Stop Six: The Americas: 
Canada, The United States, Mexico,
The Antilles, Panama, Argentina


Come From Away
The Happy Time

1. Come From Away - Setting: Gander, Newfoundland, Canada (2017, 789 performances*, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre)
2. The Happy Time - Setting: A small town in Canada (1968, 286 performances, Broadway Theatre) 


The Civil War

3. 1776 - Setting: Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, summer 1776 (1969, 1,217 performances, 46th Street Theatre)
4. The Civil War - Setting: The Battlefields and towns of the North and South (1999, 61 performances, St. James Theatre)
5. Hamilton - Setting: The Colonies (2015, 1,457 performances*, Richard Rodgers Theatre)


Mexican Hayride
6. Mexican Hayride - Setting: Mexico (1944, 481 performances, Winter Garden Theatre)


Once On This Island
7. Once On This Island - Setting: The French Antilles (1990, 469 performances, Booth Theatre)


Panama Hattie
8. Panama Hattie - Setting: Panama City, The Canal Zone (1940, 501 performances, 46th Street Theatre)



Kiss of the Spider Woman
9. Evita - Setting: Buenos Aires and all over Argentina (1979, 1,567 performances, Broadway Theatre)
10. Kiss of the Spider Woman - Setting: a prison in Argentina (1993, 908 performances, Broadhurst Theatre)

* - as of 1/30/19

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