Monday, January 28, 2019

Broadway Heat: Be More Chill Edition: The Sweet 16!

HOT on Broadway (adj): fierce, talented, big potential; has "buzz"; has "it" factor.


It's been the talk of the internet among the teen theater geek niche for years. There must be something to the bajillion downloads the cast recording got, and some brave producers rolled the dice and put up the funds for an off-Broadway production last year. Now, after several weeks of sold out shows, and a huge media presence, they are rolling the dice again with a Broadway mounting. How it fares remains to be seen, but, no matter what, if it opens on Broadway, we have a job to do!

There are only 16 cast members, so we are starting with the Sweet 16 round. Your job this week is to narrow them down the The Elite 8 - the 8 HOTTEST cast members of Be More Chill. Pick your favorite from each pair below, then BE SURE YOU CLICK "FINISH SURVEY" under the last question. If you don't click that button, your vote will not count.

Thanks for playing along!

Here are the cast members who didn't move on to the next round:

Anthony Chatmon, Tiffany Mann, Lauren Marcus

George Salazar, Britton Smith, Jason Tam

Joel Waggoner, Jason SweetTooth Williams


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