Friday, January 22, 2021

Broadway Games: 1st Letters to Song Title

1st Letters to Song Title
Directions:  Unscramble the first letter of each answer below to reveal the title of a showtune.

Hint:  It's a hell of a trip.

  1. Show where the characters lose if they stop touching a vehicle.
  2. Show that asks, "What if you could live forever?"
  3. So much happened before Dorothy dropped in to this show.
  4. Name of the real-life heroine of a Pulitzer Prize-winning play; she believed that despite everything, people were good.
  5. She was adopted by Daddy Warbucks.
  6. The show where Diana sees Gabe, and Natalie feels like The Invisible Girl.
  7. He won a Tony and a Pulitzer Prize for Lost in Yonkers.
  8. Lucy, Linus, Snoopy join their titular friend in this family-friendly musical
  9. She's Sophie's "Dancing Queen" mamma.
  10. This "Solve-It-Yourself Broadway Musical" won the Best Musical Tony, and changed its title to this one word.
  11. In this musical, Guy meets Girl and they start falling slowly.
  12. Don't cry for her, Argentina. She's on a rainbow high.
  13. A little boy gets mixed up with the Artful Dodger and Fagin in this classic Lionel Bart musical.
  14. The Lost Boys want Peter to keep her in Neverland.
  15. The Andrew Lloyd Webber choo choo musical. Race time!
  16. Ivo most recently directed a controversial take on this classic American musical.

Answers to Last Week's Game

Broadway Games:
Broadway Math

1. Street number where you meet those dancin' feet MINUS the hour Mark Cohen starts filming = The number of Variations in the 2009 Jane Fonda-starring play.

42 - 9 = 33

2. Angry Men MINUS the number of queens at the Brooks Atkinson = How many months of the year the wives suffer in Damn Yankees

12 - 6 = 6

3. A Chorus Line: The number of "Singular Sensations" PLUS "Hello, ____ ... = ... Hello, _____, Hello Love"

1 + 12 = 13

4. (Hill's trombones divided by Jews in a room bitching)  PLUS  (the number of days to Christmas in She Loves Me minus the number of "Last Kisses" in Bye Bye Birdie) DIVIDED by Val's dance score = Val's "looks" score.

(76 / 4) + (12 - 1) / 10 = 3

19 +11/10=3



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