Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Broadway Games: Brrrr! Winter Weather

So the groundhog saw his shadow, and six more weeks of winter are on the way. A lot of us have had more than our share of winter weather already, right? Well, this week's game embraces the cold!

Broadway Games:
Brrr! Winter Weather!

Each Broadway show tune below contains "wind," "snow" or "ice."

Mame gives young Patrick this advice about living life:

How Corny Collins describes his dancers in Hairspray:

When Evan Hansen wiggles his cast at the glass, he's:

Evita's "gambling" song - it's a big risk:

Anna's big question for Elsa in Frozen:

In She Loves Me, Amalia's sings of her favorite flavor of this frozen treat:

When West Side Story's Jets visit a social worker and a judge (among others) to appeal to a certain cop:

Eurydice and the Fates sing this almost at the start of Hadestown

When Into the Woods' Baker's Wife asks about her evening, Cinderella sings this:

In Carousel, Carrie Pipperidge sings this song about her future plans:

Spring Awakening has a purple summer and this azure breeze:

The two sides to Grand Hotel's aging ballerina, or how the two make up moguls are described in War Paint:

The Terrible Twos!

1. This Richard Rodgers/Martin Charnin musical is all about Noah, his boat and some rain. Two By Two

2. The Book of Mormon shares a song title with both the title of #1 and #1's title tune. Those Elders are just like Noah's animals! "Two By Two"

3. 'Tis true! In Drood, young Edwin and John Jasper sing about their relationship in this catchy tune. "Two Kinsmen"

4. This classic tune about a beverage is in the musical No No Nanette, but is famous way beyond that. Do a little soft shoe when you sing it! "Tea For Two"

5. Into the Woods: 4 ingredients, 3 midnights, and the Baker and his Wife sing. "It Takes Two" Bonus: Can you name the other Broadway musical with a song of the same title? Hairspray

6. Phil Collins' excellent score for Tarzan includes this song about walks of life coming together unexpectedly. "Two Worlds"

7. In Be More Chill, best buds Jeremy and Michael bond over this "2-Player Game"

8. In this song from Cabaret, the Emcee squeals with delight, "and I'm the only man here!" to his bed mates. "Two Ladies"

9. Fagin teaches Oliver about the fine art of pick pocketing in this catchy ditty from Oliver! "You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two"

Jennifer Simard (Disaster) was Tony-nominated in part for her, uh, relationship with God and a Hawaii 5-0 slot machine, humping the latter while singing this 70s classic. "Torn Between Two Lovers"

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