Thursday, February 17, 2022

Broadway Games: It All Adds Up!

It All Adds Up!

Okay, theater people! Time to put those math skills to the test. This week's game is a 2-part endeavor. First fill in the Broadway numbers below. Then use them to solve the 4 equations.
Good luck!

A. # of dancers on the Chorus Line            B. # of American Idiot guns
C. # of street for those dancin' feet            D. # of Sophie's possible dads
E. # of beheaded Six queens                      F. # of Andy/April's Barcelona flight number
G. # of Tevye's daughters                           H. # of Hamilton duel commandments
I. # of Patti LuPone Tony Awards               J. # of merry murderesses
K. # of Jersey Boys                                     L. # of Hadestown fates
M. # of Cursed Child Hogwarts houses     N. # of people who got off of the train
O. # short days in Emerald City                 P. # of times Gypsy has been on Broadway
Q. # of Harold Hill's trombones                  R. # of ingredients needed for the Witch's potion
S. # of Val's "Looks" score                         T. # of Liesl's age... before "going on"...
U. # of days to Christmas in She loves Me    V. # of Best Musical that beat Dreamgirls
W. # of Jason Robert Brown's adolescent musical    X. # of "Singular Sensations"
Y. # of Tony Awards for The Band's Visit    

1. U + B + G = ____

2. (Q/E) + (H - Y) = ____

3. A x M - (W + D + J) - (T/I) = ____

4.  (C/L) x O + (X + N) - (F x S) - (K + P + V + R) = ____

BONUS: Given the answers, what is a song that includes the numbers in it from a currently-running musical?

Broadway Games:
Brrr! Winter Weather!

Mame gives young Patrick this advice about living life: "Open a New WINDow"

How Corny Collins describes his dancers in Hairspray: "The NICEst Kids in Town"

When Evan Hansen wiggles his cast at the glass, he's: "Waving Through a WINDow"

Evita's "gambling" song - it's a big risk: "DICE Are Rolling"

Anna's big question for Elsa in Frozen: "Do You Want to Build a SNOWman?"

In She Loves Me, Amalia's sings of her favorite flavor of this frozen treat: "Vanilla ICE Cream"

When West Side Story's Jets visit a social worker and a judge (among others) to appeal to a certain cop: "Gee, OffICEr Krupke"

Eurydice and the Fates sing this almost at the start of Hadestown: "Any Way the WIND Blows"

When Into the Woods' Baker's Wife asks about her evening, Cinderella sings this: "A Very NICE Prince"

In Carousel, Carrie Pipperidge sings this song about her future plans: "When I Marry Mr. SNOW"

Spring Awakening has a purple summer and this azure breeze: "Blue WIND"

The two sides to Grand Hotel's aging ballerina, or how the two make up moguls are described in War Paint: "Fire and ICE"

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