Thursday, June 17, 2010

Broadway Bares at 20: The Middle 10 Years, Part II


This is the third in a series of blogs celebrating this year's 20th edition of Broadway Bares, a major fundraising event each year for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  Click here for the first in the series.  And click here for the second in the series.

Broadway Bares XI: 2001: A Strip Odyssey
Directed by: Jerry Mitchell
When: June 17, 2001
Where: Roseland Ballromm
How much was raised: $338,000
Theme: Sci-Fi Movies
Opening Song: "Ride with Me"
Poster Model: Jonathan Sharp (Fiddler on the Roof, Dance of the Vampires, Carousel, The Rocky Horror Show)
Firsts: Michele Lee figured prominantly in the story line of the show, starring as Secret Agent 36-24-36, and Aerialists are featured high in the sky of the Roseland Ballroom.

Broadway Bares XII: A Comic Strip
Directed by: Jerry Mitchell
When: June 16, 2002
Where: The Roseland Ballroom
How much was raised: $402,000
Theme: Comic book super heroes
Opening Number: "Comic Strip"
Firsts:  Jerry Mitchell collaborates with a team of choreographers.  There are over 180 dancers in the show.  Apost-9/11 NY finds the superheroes it needs at Broadway Bares.

Broadway Bares XIII: Burlesque is Back!
Directed by: Jerry Mitchell
When: June 15, 2003
Where: The Roseland Ballroom
How much was raised: $455,000
Theme: Traditional burlesque
Opening Number: "Burlesque is Back"
Firsts: Multiple guest acts and hosts, including: Marrisa Jaret Winokur, Harvet Fierstein, Eartha Kitt and Jane Krakowski.  This is the last Broadway Bares that Jerry Mitchell will direct (to date).

Broadway Bares XIV: Now Showing
Directed by: Jodi Moccia
When: June 20, 2004
Where: The Roseland Ballroom
How much was raised: $525,000
Theme: The Movies
Opening Number: "Coming Attraction"
Poster Model: Eric Otte (The Phantom of the Opera, La Cage aux Folles (2004))
Firsts: The first time Jerry Mitchell did not direct the show.  His long time assistant took over.  There are more than 200 dancers in the show for the first time.  And this is the first time the show made over a half million dollars!

Broadway Bares XV: Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Directed by: Denis Jones
When: June 19, 2005
Where: The Roseland Ballroom
How much was raised: $654,000
Theme: Playing Doctor, of course!
Opening Number: "Doctor's Orders"
Poster Models: Timothy Bish (The Pirate Queen, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Movin' Out), Angie Schworer (The Producers, Sunset Boulevard, Crazy For You) and Matthew Risch (Chicago, Legally Blonde, Pal Joey)
Firsts: Cyber-tipping began this year, with performers going on line for a "Strip-a-thon" where people pick a favorite and donate in their name.  Performers this year included David Hyde Pierce, Christina Applegate, Tim Curry and Dr. Ruth!

  • Information and photos for this series of blogs comes from and the book Broadway Bares: Backstage Pass from Universe Books. Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All photos and facts are from those sources only, and in no way is its authorship and photography implied to be by anyone else.
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