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Broadway Bares: Click It and Strip-opoly


Well, it is Broadway Bares Eve, and I thought I'd end this series of blogs with a look at the advertising imagery being used to support this year's edition, Strip-opoly, as well a look back at last year's computer-centric Click It! (19.0).  (To see the rest of this series of blogs, click on "Broadway Boys" above, then scroll down to the bottom of that page to find the links.  NOTE: None of them are work safe.)

As you know, I enjoy analyzing the advertisements and logos for shows.  So why should this be any different?  Well, it is.  Let's just say that in both cases, I give the advertising for both editions an A+. 

Click It! has used a font that is reminiscent of both facebook and Twitter, and the tie-in is a well-placed, provocative "lap top" over a nearly naked Tommy Berklund.  Strip-opoly is a so-close-they-are-close-to-copyright-issues ad that immediately draws a certain other game to mind.  The background, the lettering and the colors leave little doubt that this will be "game night."  And the models represent that certain other game very well, too... a bellhop for those hotels (Kyle DesChamps), a nearly naked chorine showing off the um, luxury tax (Nina LaFarga), and young master money bags, complete with dice and a jaunty top hat (my current obsession, Charlie Williams).  The main posters of both editions advertise exactly what you are going to get at the show, a strip tease with a lot of the fun stuff showing, but the important stuff carefully covered with thematically appropriate props.


#19 - 2009
#20 - 2010
The auxiliary advertising is equally on-spot, featuring some of Broadway's hottest, freshest talent from Broadway's hottest shows.  Again, A+ work by the SpotCo people.  I think I'll let the images speak for themselves.
Broadway Bares 19.0: Click It!
Just the Boys!
(Rickey Tripp, Tommy Berklund, Sean Samuels
Stephen Hanna and Nick Adams)

Nick Adams and His "Cursor"

Is that a Netbook or Laptop?
(Stephanie Gibson, Nick Adams, Nina LaFarga)

That's DEFINITELY a Laptop!
(Tommy Berklund)

Talk about your "Chat Room"!
(Kneeling, left: Lou Castro; kneeling, right: Rickey Tripp)
(left to right: Sean Samuels, Tommy Berklund, Stephanie Gibson,
Nick Adams, Nina LaFarga, Stephen Hanna and Colin Cunliffe)
Broadway Bares 20: Strip-opoly
Here are a few "press shots":

Roll the Dice, Charlie!
Joshua Buscher's turn!
The "Community Chest" Girls
And these shots are "on rotation" at
Let's start with a roll of the dice!
Looks like Josh is up first...
Now it's Adam's turn, and then Charlie's...
Josh is up again...
Buy a hotel from Kyle and go for a swim in the pool!
Take a ride on the Reading or buy the B and O Railroad!
Did someone call a plumber from the Water Works?
Go directly to jail!
You might be thinking, "where have I seen these models before?"  Well...
From Click It!: Nick Adams (La Cage aux Folles, A Chorus Line, Guys and Dolls), Stephen Hanna (Billy Elliot), Tommy Berklund (A Chorus Line), Sean Samuels (Curtains, Tarzan), Rickey Tripp (In the Heights), Lou Castro (13, Chess), Colin Cunliffe (Cry-Baby, The Addams Family), Stephanie Gibson (A Chorus Line - National Tour),  and Nina LaFarga (In the Heights, AIDA, Sweet Charity)
From Strip-opoly: Joshua Buscher (West Side Story), Charlie Williams (Memphis), Kyle Des Champs (Billy Elliot), Gerard Salvador and Adam Michael Hart (Mamma Mia!), The Community Chest Girls are in the ensemble of Rock of Ages.
All of the photos on this page are by Andrew Eccles.
Look at "Bits and Pieces for 06.20.10" for even more Broadway Bares including the press shots for the Fantasy Football team from Click It! and a photo shoot for Next Magazine, featuring the Strip-opoly guys modelling swimwear!

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