Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Broadway Boys: Mr. June 2010

With five decent looking guys and a score made up of true rock ' roll classics, you'd think Million Dollar Quartet couldn't be a clunker.  Well, it isn't, entirely, due mainly to Ms. Broadway May 2010 and Mr. Broadway June 2010.

One of the "quartet," Mr. June sticks out like a sore thumb, which doesn't say much for the show, but plenty about him.  If the others had his energy, commitment and overall charisma, the show actually be the smash hit it is advertising itself to be.  And that is why he got a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. 

Playing that "great ball of fire" Jerry Lee Lewis, Mr. June has made a name for himself in Broadway circles - let's hope that when his stint is done, he'll return soon in a show more worthy of his talents.  Maybe he could pair up with Elizabeth Stanley - talk about smokin'!  He is already a name in the music industry, both in the gay community and the pop/Southern soul/inspirational community, after first appearing on the scene in TV's "The Apprentice," and later on both Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.  Then a stint on the national tour of RENT as Roger gave him a taste of the stage, and a new found love for acting.  Several best selling albums, a fan favorite on MTV/Logo, and a critical darling of the theatre community, Mr. June seems to have what it takes to have a long, successful and multi-faceted career.

Mr. Broadway June 2010:
Levi Kreis

One serious headshot

Another serious shot for an early album...

Maybe a serious modeling career...

... and he sure has romantic potential.

Perhaps the hottest recording promo I've ever seen!

A movie still from one of his indy films...

And ultra-serious in the artwork for his latest CD.

But here he is, doing what we Broadway fans love best...
(the Million Dollar Quartet - Kreis, far right)

Being dramatic with Hunter Foster...

...and in full Jerry Lee Lewis mode!

Still, it is nice to see him smile!

Mr. June sure does turn up the summer heat, doesn't he?  Talent, taste and a whole lot of serious sexiness...no wonder he is Mr. Broadway for June 2010!

Comments?  Suggestions for future Mr. Broadways?  Leave one here or email me at jkstheatrescene@yahoo.com.

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