Friday, July 29, 2011

Broadway Vocabulary Quiz #2

"Ululating" is the word that started it all.  That little gem of a word always makes me smile, as does a smart lyric in a Broadway musical.  Apparently, a lot of you enjoyed the first of this type of blog - thanks for all of the interest.  Seems you all like a quick mind-bender during a break at work or at the beach!
Well, Mike and I put our heads together and came up with 10 more Broadway lyric vocabulary words.  Some are relatively easy, others a little more challenging.  Your job is to match the word with the definition, and then with the song and show it comes from.

Example: "Shut up! Or Not. Let go, and pretty soon you're ululating like a banshee..."  Ululating - howling, wailing.   "On the Verge" - Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

  1. "I'm filling up the room, our secret room, with every flower in bloom.  I'll have the fire lit, the table set, I'll wear the blue chemise."
  2. "We've got a lot to thank you for - Geordie you're a corker - a nice extension on the house and a fortnight in Majorca!"
  3. "Overthrow the effigy!  The vast majority burning down the foreman of control!"
  4. "Reports of my fame are greatly exaggerated, exacerbated by the fact that my syntax is highly complicated."
  5. "If we're not one, but two, are we evil or good?  Do we walk the fine line that we'd cross if we could?  Are we waiting to break through the façade?"
  6. "It's loosey goosey time! She was a gadabout, but she's back again!"
  7. "But her single most disturbing feature was the coarse black hair on her face. Maybe she was menopausal. Lack of estrogen will cause a lot of odd conditions, some acute! The irony would never faze her namesake of a famous razor. And to be so facially hirsute!"
  8. "But! What I've left behind looks trifling. What's ahead... looks black! Am I doomed to spend my life a-lingering on...Lingering on! Just lingering on...malingering on?"
  9. "Raoul and the soubrette, entwined in loves' duet.  Although he may demur, he must have been with her."
  10. "Soon learned power of the truncheon, organize a function king to pawn!  So if peace is what you're after, Urinetown's the rafter to hang it on!"


a.  someone who flits about in social activity
b.  to pretend or exaggerate incapacity or illness (as to avoid duty or work)
c.  a police officer's billy club
d.  a crude figure representing a hated person
e.  one that is excellent or remarkable
f.   hairy
g.  a soprano who sings roles in comic operas; an actress playing a coquettish maid
h.  a false, superficial or artificial appearance or effect
i.   a woman's one-piece undergarment
j.   to make more severe, more intense

A.  "Know Your Enemy" - American Idiot
B.  "Solidarity" - Billy Elliot
C.  "In the Heights" - In the Heights
D.  "Facade" - Jekyll and Hyde
E.  "Forty Days" - Passion
F.  "Prima Donna" - The Phantom of the Opera
G.  "On the Right Track" - Pippin
H.  "Turkey Lurkey Time" - Promises, Promises
I.   "Mrs. Remington" - The Story of My Life
J.  "The Cop Song" - Urinetown: The Musical

Look for the answers on Sunday!  

(Please send in your vocabulary words!)
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