Saturday, July 2, 2011


As you enjoy your long holiday weekend, take a look at this great thing I found while researching Mr. July, Matthew James Thomas.    It is called M Magazine, and is a magazine dedicated to musical theatre and geared toward the younger generations of musical theatre fans!  Awesome!  Thank you, Great Britain!  Its first five issues are online, though you can order print copies starting with the next issue.

Here are some screen shots to get you started.  Scroll down to get the link to this really cool online magazine!  Enjoy, and happy 4th of July!

Within the first five issues, there are plenty of features to satisfy Broadway fans - interviews with up and comers like Paul McGill (Memphis), features on new composers, mini-reviews of what's hot (and not) in theatre books, CDs and the Internet.  And it is really cool to read about and see the West End counterparts of Broadway shows - there is a fantastic photo series showing the West End cast of Jersey Boys as if they were on Mad Men, and a similar spread featuring the West End merry murderesses of Chicago, as if they were on Desperate Housewives.  And there are several really sexy (provocative, not nude) pictorials on the "Hot Bodies" of the West End - including some steamy pictures of Matt Shingledecker, Roger in the new RENT off-Broadway.  And if your tastes run beyond conventional musicals, there are opera articles, a cabaret series and a drag performance series as well.  Aside from a backstage pictorial that shows Angela Lansbury all ready to go on in A Little Night Music and a mini-review of the audiobook for Patti LuPone: A Memoir, you'd be hard pressed to find anything on anyone over 35 in these pages.  Best of all, even the ads are interesting!
In depth interviews, amazing photography... what more could you ask for?  AN AMERICAN VERSION!!

To get to M Magazine, click HERE.

P.S.: Before you write in, I know it has been around since the late fall of 2010.  But it is new to me!  Enjoy!

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