Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ask Jeff: Puzzles Answered and More

Thank you, all of you, who take the time to write in your thoughts and questions.  And I'll answer one that I get all of the time: Do I actually read your comments and emails?  Well, except for those of you who asked just that question, which I am now answering, yes.  I read every single email and comment you send or leave.  And I answer all of them.  I don't publish all of them for a variety of reasons - relevance, readability and length among them.  The most common reason, though, is that many of you wish to keep your thoughts between us.  I hope that settles things for those of you who ask.

Now, a couple of  recent letters that are very timely!  (After that, a request I have of all of you!)

Dear Jeff,

Why don't you cover more touring company shows and off-Broadway shows?

Tim, an off-Broadway Fan


Thanks for writing.  Funny that you should mention that.  In recent weeks, I have posted reviews of the National Tours of next to normal and Hair.  And so far this season, I've reviewed Lysistrata Jones, and just this week, I'll have discussed the logos of RENT and Death Takes a Holiday, and reviews of both will be posted when they open.  In fact, Death will have its review posted on Friday. 

True, these entries are far out-blogged about by Broadway shows.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, my access to National Tours is somewhat limited by my location.  Second, Broadway content is by far the most read and asked for, so I concentrate on that the most.  Then there is a question of time and money.  I can barely get to the new musicals and new revivals on Broadway, let alone the dozens of off-Broadway openings.  Still, given the advent last season of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and The Scottsboro Boys, I am trying to pay more attention to off-Broadway.  And I can tell you now that later this season, I'll be covering Carrie.


Dear JK:

Come on, man!  You put up these puzzles and you promise the answers and then nothing!  How about that last logic puzzle?

JK, too (though my name isn't Jeff!) Albany, NY

Sorry, JK!

I actually forgot to post the answers to Logic Puzzle #2 last Sunday.  And I'll post the answers to Monday's Broadway Vocabulary Quiz below that.  So, if you don't want to know, stop reading NOW!

Here's the answer to Logic Puzzle #2:

Female-Male-Performance-Show-Ticket Outlet
  1. Millie - Frank - Tuesday - Spider-Man - Lottery
  2. Nanette - Edwin - Saturday - Ghetto Klown - Box Office
  3. Ophelia - Charlie - Friday - Hair - Online
  4. Paula - Don - Wednesday - Billy Elliot - TKTS
  5. Rose - Bobby - Thursday - Master Class - Concierge

And here are the answers to the Broadway Vocabulary Quiz:
  1. Bindus, i, A
  2. calumnies, c, J
  3. coriander, j, F
  4. diadem, h, D
  5. lavabo, e, C
  6. metronome, b, B
  7. passeggiata, f, I
  8. seraglio, a, E
  9. ululating, d, H
  10. vindaloo, g, G
OK, readers!  Now here's where I ask for your help!  For future blogs, I am looking for:
  1. Someone to review National Touring companies, Broadway and off-Broadway shows that I don't get to.
  2. New words for the next Broadway Vocabulary Quiz.
  3. Clever sayings and turns of phrase from your favorite Broadway musicals.

If you have any or all of these, please email me at


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