Thursday, June 21, 2018

Logos: Head Over Heels

Why not start of the new season with a look at the logo for the first new musical? It's bright, colorful and fun - just like summer, and just like it's probable target audience.  I'm talking about the Go-Go's musical, Head Over Heels.

First and foremost, one way this logo works is that its bright colors are eye-catching.  This is particularly important given the current state of its Broadway home, the Hudson Theatre.  As you can see below, it is covered with scaffolding. I can tell you that being visible is crucial here.  When we went to see Sunday In The Park With George, we almost walked right past the theater.  There's no missing the bright yellow, pink and blue!

These colors fairly scream "WE LOVE THE 80's!!" Fitting for an 80's icon band like the Go-Go's, and, I presume a good portion of the target audience - Gen Xers looking at their favorite decade disappear farther away in the rear-view mirror.  And they - we (I am one!) - have great memories of Belinda and the girls, and money to burn to relive any part of it. So, yes, the colors alone could act like a beacon for us! (Tip: Add neon!)

While the title font is totally 80's, the tag line font (and ribbon for that matter) is all about being Elizabethan! Add to that ye olde etched look of the heart, and you can tell just by looking at it that there is a time-warp mash up going on here.  I believe that is, in fact, what is going on in the show it represents - another mark of a good show logo.

Then there are the other elements that might give hints to the story. Head over heels with 4 arrows in the heart? Are they death blows or are they from Cupid's quiver? Maybe a little of both? Dramatic and funny! And how about the upside-down crown? Royal upheaval? And/Or will love triumph over power? 

Of course, the whole image reminds me of a tattoo a hair band groupie might have gotten during the Reagan years...

Put it all together and it hits the big things that I think makes a good show logo:
  • it's eye-catching enough to be noticed in the midst of all of the visual cacophony
  • it represents the feeling of the show (in this case love and fun)
  • it represents what the show is all about, giving away enough to pique the curiosity, but not too much to give it all away

We'll see if the show is as good as its logo.  Why not be optimistic?

Grade: A

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