Monday, June 25, 2018

Broadway's HOTTEST: Head Over Heels Round 1

The new season is off to a rockin' start already with Head Over Heels, which started previews last Saturday at the newest/oldest theater on Broadway, The Hudson.  And the search for this season's hottest musical performers starts today!

Many of you sent in some great suggestions for streamlining the contest (thanks!) and here's how it goes this time around:
  • Each cast will compete within itself like a tournament bracket.
  • All of them, no matter what level of role they have, will  be randomly paired up.
  • In Round 1, YOU will pick who you think is the HOTTEST of the pair.
  • You'll vote again in Round 2 from pairs of the pool of Round 1 winners.
  • You'll keep voting in rounds of pairs, until we are down to one pair. (The number of rounds will vary, depending on the size of the cast.
  • The winner of the last round will be the HOTTEST cast member of the show.
  • At the end of the season, each show's winner will compete in one final tournament to be named the ABSOLUTELY HOTTEST BROADWAY CAST MEMBER OF 2018-2019!
  • You have to pick ONE from EACH pair (no skipping pairs!) AND click "FINISH SURVEY" at the end of the poll.
  • You don't have to have seen the show to vote! There are pictures of each cast member included!
  • The poll program I use is set for your complete anonymity. I can only see the votes, no data is being collected.
  • I can't stress this enough: YOU MUST CLICK "FINISH SURVEY" AFTER YOU ANSWER EACH QUESTION. If you don't, your vote won't count. Over the whole season last year, there were more than 200 un-submitted votes!
Let the fun begin again! THIS ROUND WILL CLOSE ON FRIDAY, JUNE 29 AT 5 PM EST!

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