Wednesday, February 12, 2020

#MyBroadwayThing: Special Edition Playbills

I haven't shared a #MyBroadwayThing in awhile, but after a recent purchase, I realized I had another one. That purchase was a copy of the Special Edition Playbill for Moulin Rouge! I was like a kid at Christmas when it arrived - I love the show, and I really love the special cover.

Turns out that over the the years I've collected several of them. I have several Opening Night Playbills. These are not to be confused with Playbills that have the opening night date on the top of title page - those you can get if you attend a preview right before or a performance after. I mean the ones with the official sticker on the cover. My first was for Hairspray, then High Fidelity (I actually got that one at the Imperial Theatre. I found a pile of them in the corner on my way out. No, I didn't attend the opening.) For the past several years, Mike and I "toast" the season the purchase of the Opening Night Playbill for our favorite show of the season. Last year's was Hadestown, for the record. 

I also have a few commemorative editions - milestone covers. My three favorites at the 5th anniversary of Wicked (green is my favorite color), and the closing night covers from the original productions of A Chorus Line and Les Miserables.

But these special edition covers are something I hope become a bigger Broadway thing. I guess we have Beetlejuice to thank for it; they've issued three! I especially like the two most recent versions.  If I liked the show more, I'd buy them. It would be cool if other shows did them. But for now, Moulin Rouge! will have to be the one that started #My(newest)BroadwayThing.


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