Friday, February 14, 2020

The Friday 5: 5 Shows I'm Surprised I Did See

A couple of weeks ago, The Friday 5 was about 5 shows I'm surprised I've never seen. This week I thought I'd list 5 shows I'm surprised I actually did see! Maybe they were short running shows or maybe they were shows that aren't something I'd usually see. Maybe they were both. Either way, it's a surprise to me that I was in the audience!

(Answers to last week's Friday 5 Quiz are at the bottom of this article!)

The Friday 5:
5 Shows I'm Surprised I Saw

Chronicle of a Death Foretold
1. Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1995): The shocker of this show is that it ran for almost exactly 2 months in the middle of the summer, including previews. And in that brief period, I saw it THREE times. I almost didn't see it at all. I didn't care for the novel it is based on when I read it in college. But it was fascinating from start to finish. And because I saw it, I could say I saw every Best Musical nominee that season! Bonus: It was my introduction to Michael John LaChiusa and my first time seeing Tonya Pinkins.

High Fidelity
2. High Fidelity (2006): I was lucky I got to see this show.  I really liked it a lot; the score and set were excellent. And I loved the cast. Mostly, though, I was lucky because I got to see it at all. With 18 previews and 14 performances total, my opportunities were few! Bonus: It started my love affair with Will Chase, Jenn Colella and Tom Kitt!

In My Life
3. In My Life (2005): The show only made it through 61 performances, but I had to see it. Why? Because it was lone of the first shows I heard about through chat rooms.  I had to see just how bad it was. I mean, dancing with skeletons!? Well, it wasn't so bad as much as it was a messy vanity project. Bonus: The show put Christopher J. Hanke and David Turner on my radar, and it gave Jonathan Groff his Broadway debut!

Leap of Faith
4. Leap of Faith (2012): As with all of these shows, it's a miracle that I saw it all, given the short amount of time it was actually around (25 previews, 19 performances). But I'm glad I did. I am a huge Raul Esparza fan and had to see it. Bonus: I got to see some of my favorite new Broadway talent, including Ann Sanders, Jessica Phillips and a pre-Hamilton Leslie Odom, Jr.. 

The Story of My Life
5. The Story of My Life (2009): Because I loved him in High Fidelity, I made sure to get a ticket to this show with Will Chase, and I'm a fan of Malcolm Getz, too. No brainer, right? Well this one is probably my favorite "get." Not only did I love it, but I saw one of its five performances! FIVE! Bonus: The only thing better would be the ability to say I saw a show that opened and closed on the same night!

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Answers to last week's Friday 5 Quiz!
Broadway Jeopardy!

$200: What is Les Miserables?

$400: What is Moulin Rouge!?

$600: What is South Pacific?

$800: What is Slave Play?

$1000: What is Grand Hotel: The Musical?

Final Jeopardy: What is Pacific Overtures


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