Friday, February 7, 2020

The Friday 5 Quiz: New Broadway Jeopardy: Broadway Sets! This Friday 5 Jeopardy round is all about set design on Broadway! Good luck - and don't for get to answer in the form of a question! (Look for the questions at the bottom of next week's Friday 5!)

Today's category is:

The answers are:

Turning, Turning!
A turntable and a pile
of furniture

A giant blue elephant
Why? Because they
can, can, can!

In 2008, a war plane took
the stage, and the floor
opened up to reveal
the orchestra

We can see ourselves in
the giant mirror from this
 controversial 2019 play 

People come, people go.
A chandelier, a bunch of
chairs and a revolving door

Today's Final Jeopardy category is:


Boris Aronson won the last of his 6 Tony Awards
for a musical presented as Kabuki theater

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