Monday, February 1, 2010

The Boys of Broadway: Mr. February 2010

Ever since I saw West Side Story again, I knew I wanted to feature one of the guys in the show as Mr. February.  And since literally every guy in it is super talented - singing, dancing and acting, and super good looking, I knew my choice would be difficult.  So I chose half, which is one gang.  That's right, this month's Broadway Boy, Mr. February 2010 is actually a whole group of guys.  This is a first, selecting a group, and it is also the first time The Boys of Broadway will include a female...

And so, without further a do, here is Mr. February 2010: The Jets from West Side Story!

The Leader:  Tony

Tony: Matthew Hydzik

Tony: Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan (r) with Chad Allen in the LA production of
The Little Dog Laughed

 The New Leader: Riff


Riff: John Arthur Geene (top) poses with fans; and
(directly above) Greene with castmate Marina Lazzaretto.

The Jets: Ace Men, Rocket Men

Next in Command: Action

Action: Wes Hart

Wes Hart as Bud in Urban Cowboy: The Musical

Diesel: Joshua Buscher

Joshua Buscher (right) with fellow Broadway dancer, Spencer Liff.

Snowboy: Mike Cannon

Mike Cannon with his wife Amy at the opening on A Chorus Line.

A-Rab: Kyle Coffman

Kyle Coffman at the opening night party for West Side Story.

Coffman poses for a fan picture at the stage door of the Palace.

Anybodys: Sara Dobbs

Sara Dobbs with her "Anybodys" 'do.

Sara Dobbs in her pre-Broadway days as a singer at
Ellen's Stardust Diner.

4H: Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers (left) with castmate Mike Cannon

Sam Rogers modeling for Michael Thomas.

And again for Michael Thomas

Baby John: Ryan Steele

Ryan Steele at the opening night party.

Steele (center) with castemates at a BCEFA event.

Steele (center) during West Side Story rehearsals.
His extension is AMAZING!

Big Deal: Mikey Winslow

Mikey Winslow's bio headshot.

Photos from: Playbill Online,, and a variety of general websites.

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