Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Logos: A True Broadway Artist

As you know, I have a real thing for Broadway logos.  I also have a thing for the Sunday Arts Section of The New York Times.  About two weeks ago my two loves collided, when the Arts Blog of the Times had a feature on Frank Verlizzo, who designs for theatre under the company name FRAVER (Fra from Frank and Ver from Verlizzo).

You might never have heard of him before, but I am certain you know his work.  This logo has become in icon unto itself:

And in the mid-80's, this poster (seen below in its book jacket version) was the talk of the Great White Way:

And you might recoginze some of his current work, as well:

Be sure to go the New York Times Arts Blog.  There is a great interactive feature, in which the artist speaks about creating Sweeney Todd's now famous log, and some interesting tidbits about how he changed Broadway posters forever, and a cool story about a Broadway flop. 

And, if that isn't enough, go to the artist's website.  Notice how he uses, separately and together, typography, iconic images and photography.  It is a fascinating display of real Broadway art.

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