Saturday, February 6, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog #1: The Answers

Congratulations to all of you who finished the puzzle!  I hope you had as much fun doing it as I did making it.  And thank you to all of you who took the time to write!  About half of you who wrote thought it was too easy, the other half too difficult... I guess I'll try to mix it up a little more next time.  (Next time will be in March, I think.)

Look for a new game in the next week or so... Six Degrees of Broadway!

Anyway, here, after all of this time, are the answers Broadway Crossword by Blog #1!


3.  One Night Only: Glory Days
6.  Contact Tony winner: Karen Ziemba
7.  Heights' ice: piragua
8.  The Turn Off the Dark Superhero: Spiderman
11.  This shocking device is "in the next room": vibrator
15.  Natalie sees herslf as this: Invisible Girl
16.  Will Rogers had a whole one of these to himself: follies
19.  One of the original Billys: Trent
22.  Broadway's leprechaun: Og
23.  Considered to be Sondheim's masterpiece: Sweeney Todd
24.  Believe it or not, she's a Tony winner: Ripley
27.  The witch of the North: Glinda
29.  Both Betty and Victoria played a mother with this name: Margaret
35.  Probably the biggest surprise hit show in 2008: Xanadu
36.  1986 Best Musical, with The: Mystery of Edwin Drood
40.  The company in H2$: World Wide Wicket
42.  The current Desiree: Zeta-Jones
43.  He plays deBecque to O'Hara's Forbush: Szot
44.  Natalie sees Gabe as this: Super Boy
45.  One of the writers of Chicago: Kander
48.  One of the writers of Cabaret: Ebb
51.  Forbush or Lovett: Nellie
52.  Winner of 3 2009 Tony Awards: next to normal
55.  Tony winner for Sheik and Jones: Spring Awakening
57.  His Plays didn't last long this season: Neil Simon
60.  It is over Buffalo: moon
64.  It means "darkness"; a Tony winning role for Murphy: Fosca
65.  Mr. Garfield to Paula and Lucy: Elliot
66.  He stole Christmas: Grinch
67.  Joel, Norbert and Raul all played this role: Emcee
68.  Olivo won this show's only Tony in 2009: West Side Story
69.  He needs to think about his life: Pippin
71.  Mrs. Tom Cruise's debut play: All My Sons
73.  Where the Best Little Whorehouse is: Texas
74.  One of the John Waters musicals: Cry Baby
75.  She collaborated with both Billy and Bob: Twyla
76.  Some hair as yellow as corn and Memphis lives in this guy: Kimball
77.  The original Roger in RENT: Adam Pascal


1.  Tony winning Gregory: Jbara
2.  She stars in Memphis: Montego Glover
3.  The Best Little Whorehouse ______: Goes Public
4.  Opens Guys and Dolls: fugue
5.  The last word in Velma's opener: Jazz
7.  The magazine you get at each show: Playbill
9.  The suicidal teen in 55 Across: Moritz
10.  Director of Timon, Peter Parker and the Green Goblin: Julie Taymor
12.  Julie, Liza and Raquel played him/her: Victor/Victoria
13.  Come look at the freaks here: Side Show
14.  Natalie's boyfriend: Henry
17.  The first name of a 2008 Tony winner: Lin
18.  Boyfriend to Sarah or Sophie: Sky
20.  Jane to Josh's Tarzan: Jenn
21.  Disney's first Broadway hit: Beauty and the Beast
25.  County for the Spelling Bee: Putnam
26.  Wrote scores for See What I Wanna See and Chronicle of a Death Foretold: LaChuisa
27.  He plays Claude: Gavin
28.  The city that made a certain girl horny: Paris
30.  The color of summer in 55 Across: purple
31.  Mamma Mia! song: Knowing Me, Knowing You
32.  How much Monty you see in the 2001 musical: Full
33.  Has the world's largest collection of theatre posters for sale: Triton Gallery
34.  Lost the Tony for Best Musical to the John Waters musical that isn't 74 Across: Movin' Out
37.  a Tony-less Mama Rose: Ethel Merman
38.  The color of Deborah Yeats' dress: yellow
39.  Most recent tenant of the St. James Theatre: Finian's Rainbow
41.  Tallest guy to win multiple Tonys: Tommy Tune
46.  Norbert, John and Sherie Renee were these: scoundrels
47.  Stars three stewardesses: Boeing Boeing
49.  "Good Morning, ________": Baltimore
50.  Music for the web slinger will be by this guy: Bono
53.  Les Miz played here and so did Jude Law: Broadhurst
54.  Both 26 Down and 72 Down wrote musical versions of this poem, with The: Wild Party
56.  They're creepy, kooky and coming soon to Broadway, with The: Addams Family
58.  He and Horton are all alone in the universe: Jojo
59.  Twain play, recently surfaced: Is He Dead?
61.  Bea played her in Mame: Vera
62.  The current Madame Armfeldt: Lansbury
63.  Replaces James in 35 Across: Cheyenne
65.  The witch of the West: Elphaba
70.  He loves Galinda: Boq
72.  He wrote the music for 56 Down: Lippa

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