Friday, February 26, 2010

UPDATES: Come Fly Away and Love Never Dies

Come Fly Away

When I last discussed the Twyla Tharp project,  Come Fly Away, I hypothesized that my interest would likely grow as more production photos came out.  Well, this week, more came out, and it has done just as thought.  I am more interested in the show.

These shots, by Ruven Afanador, show the dancers in classic Twyla-style moves (I will always think of Robin Williams in The Birdcage when I think of the Tharp style!).  So it is great to see that there will be some of her traditional work here.  The photo of John Selya and Holley Farmer, of course, is already being used in the advertising.  The down side to the photos is that they offer no context without backgrounds.  Of course, there in lies the intrigue - why give away too much?  And is it me or are the costumes reflective of verous periods?  Interesting...

Holley Farmer and John Selya

Keith Roberts and Karine Plantadit

Rika Okamoto and Matthew Stockwell Dibble

Charlie Neshyba-Hodges and Laura Mead

Love Never Dies


Here's the latest video released by the Love Never Dies folks.  The song is "Til I Hear You Sing."

I think this is a much better song than the title tune, released earlier.  Yes, this is fully orchestrated, but it is still a better song, I think.  Ramin Karmiloo has a gorgeous voice (and he is pretty easy on the eyes without the Phantom makeup!) and has a terrific presence, even as he just walks around.  And Sierra Boggess is such a lovely young woman.

What do you think?

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