Friday, December 31, 2010

The Guys and Dolls of Broadway: Mr. Broadway 2010

Every month, be it the first or the fifteenth, when I sit down and choose a new Mr. or Ms. Broadway of the Month, I always say to myself, "Can you believe another month has gone by already?" Well, here we are, a full YEAR of the hottest talents on stage later, and I am naming my man and woman of the year! Time sure does fly!

To read about Ms. Broadway 2010, click HERE.

2009 might have been a good year to name this guy Mr. Broadway.  It was a banner year for him, a hit show on Broadway and a Tony Award.  But I think I'm glad I waited until 2010 to bestow this honor on one of my favorite Broadway people ever.  This year, that little hit show managed another full year on Broadway, survived a major cast change, spawned a National Tour, and won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  Of course, no Mr. Broadway rests on his laurels.  No, this guy, along with a major Broadway director and an all-American rock band collaborated on another little show that pushed the boundaries of the Great White Way.  And though he was completely robbed at Tony time this year, I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from this guy!  Upcoming projects include: Bring It On: The Musical and a musical written expressly for Robert Downey, Jr.  And, now, here he is...

Mr. Broadway 2010: Tom Kitt

Playbill Headshot

Tom Kitt at work...

... at the opening night of West Side Story

...with his wife...

...with his family
(just before the birth of their second child)

Kitt and collaborator Brian Yorkey

Pulitzer Prize winners Kitt and Yorkey!

Talk about your Superboys!

Kitt at an event with next to normal newbies
Jason Danieley and Brian Crum

At the Broadway opening of
Everyday Rapture...

He may be American, but
he's no idiot!

American Idiot's musical supervisor/orchestrator
with Green Day

Tim Kitt with Billie Joe Armstrong
at next to normal's National Tour
opening in L.A.

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