Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Broadway Boys: Mr. December 2010: Sebastian Arcelus

How about we end this year's amazing set of "Broadway Boys" with this month's most amazing diplomat of holiday cheer?  No, I'm not talking about Santa Claus, though he'd be a sure bet any year.  No, I'm talking about a Broadway Boy who has worked his way up the ranks from replacement to flop to off-Broadway and back again.  A guy who not only toured and did Broadway's Wicked, but married the green girl for real.  And a guy who, in just this year, went from co-starring in one of Broadway's hottest shows to carrying an entire show on his green felt-clad shoulders.

Of course, I am talking about Sebastian Arcelus, star of Elf: The Musical,and this month's Broadway Boy!

Some interesting facts about Mr. A that I didn't know (and shame on me for not knowing):
  • His grandmother, Princess Catherine,  was the last member of the Romanov family of Russia born before the revolution there.
  • He provides many voices for anime, including several Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokeman cartoons, amongst others.

And now, here's Mr. December 2010: Sebastian Arcelus!

The Headshots:  Is it the curly hair?  The serious look?
The penetrating eyes?

As Roger in RENT, lighting Mimi's candle.

(Right) With RENT soloist and American Idol
star, Frenchie Davis.

(Center) He played Jan in Good Vibrations

Catch a wave, and you're dancing
with two bikini-clad babes!

"Surfin' U.S.A." indeed!

As Fiyero, Sebastian put the moves on
BOTH Elphaba and Glinda...

...but in real life, he went green, and married
Stephanie J. Block!  I don't know who is luckier!

In between Jersey Boys stints, Arcelus
starred in the off-Broadway musical Happiness.
 Subway conductor Hunter Foster taught the jaded
and bitter New Yorker a few lessons about being happy.

A fitting for the iconic Jersey Boysred jacket...

Arcelus as Bob Gaudio

At Jersey Boys, it takes four!

At the opening night of Elf: The Musical,
Mr. December poses with Ms. November, Amy Spanger!

Checking the nose-hair of co-star Mark Jacoby

In the end it is the charisma and
charming smile that really makes him shine.
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  1. Seb! That's fantastic! Totally deserving of any and all accolades!

    And hey, I made that top graphic with his name in it. Glad to see someone put it to good use.


  2. Hi, Kyla!

    Thanks for writing in about Mr. December!

    I found that image in a general Google search, so I'm sorry I didn't give credit where it was due! Great graphic and THANKS!


  3. Thanks, Jeff! I love Sebastian Arcelus. He was so adorable in Elf. I'm looking forward to seeing him onstage again soon. Hopefully this is the beginning of more starring roles.

  4. Esther! I couldn't agree more! And I saw him in HAPPINESS. I'm glad to report that he does drama/bad guys as well as happy elves!



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