Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Intermission...

Let's call this next week my "opening cold" week of blog-performances. I am actually going on a vacation! Not a quick trip to NYC, but a go somewhere away from home for a long rest vacation.

And so... because the show goes on, and this is my "opening cold" week, I'm not sure when performances will stop and start again. (I learned from Bartlet and Julie this year!) So rather than risk injury to the blog by rushing little blogs, let me leave it at this:

You may not hear from me tomorrow or the day after... but I have a full blog already scheduled for Tuesday, so be sure to stop by - especially if you love a ceratin show that takes place in the 80's. And I know that at least one other day I have something scheduled.

I also know that I can't go days without is a habit I love. So as soon as I can get to a decent computer, you'll hear from me.

And regardless, you guys will never be too far away in my thoughts! (And the guy in the picture is not me! I fly inside...)

Oh! I better get going...they are trying to unhook me from my bungee cord/websling... I am an insect on the verge of missing my plane!

Hugs and happy theatre-going this week!



  1. Have a great and well deserved vacation, Jeff!

  2. Thanks, Pun! I miss writing, but I have to admit that I have liked being away from a computer for awhile...


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