Friday, April 1, 2011

Broadway Boys: Mr. April 2011: Charlie Williams


Mr. Broadway April 2011:
Charlie Williams

WHY HE'S MR. APRIL: Frequent visitors to this blog might be asking the more obvious question: why wasn't he Mr. Broadway sooner?  Well, as my followers know, Charlie Williams has been a favorite of mine since I saw him in Memphis.  But the Mr. Broadway for that show went to its star, Chad Kimball, and so it has taken Charlie's run in that show, along with a trip out west to premiere Leap of Faith, and finally a return to Broadway in the sizzling hot revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying  in order to be eligible for the honor again.  Of course, I'm sure I'd have named him this month anyway had I never seen him before.  That's just how great he is in this show.  What a dancer!  What an actor - yes, the ensemble acts!  And what a great, charming smile.  Then there is his kind, giving heart.  His Broadway castmates refer to him as "Charity Charlie," so often does he participate in charity events.  Who could forget his sexy turn in Broadway Bares XX: Strip-opoly?  Or the related photo shoots?  Or his being named Mr. Broadway 2010 in last year's Broadway Beauty Pageant.  The guy has it all - talent, good looks and sincerity. 





(Top to Bottom)
Dancing in Memphis; Celebrating performance number 200;
Enjoying a slice of Memphis-inspired pizza with castmates

 Mr. Broadway 2010
4th Annual Broadway Beauty Pageant

(Top to Bottom)
PR Shot; Talent; Swimsuit
The crowning!

Sex and Silly Sell:
Fun Photo Shoots

Serious Photoshoots

Broadway Bares XX: Strip-opoly
Poster Boy

The Broadway Bares/Next Magazine
Photo Shoot

No matter what the angle, this bellboy
can move!

Leap of Faith
Charlie is second from the left

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
"How To..": Charlie is to the right of Daniel Radcliffe,
in the front of the two rows of dancers

Mr. Broadway 2010 Competition

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Charlie is featured in "How to Succeed," "Coffee Break, " "The Company Way," and "The Brotherhood of Man."

Who would YOU like to see as Mr. or Ms. Broadway in the coming months?  Leave your suggestion here, email me at or Tweet me!


  1. Charlie just turne 23 on March 30h! And he is amazing

  2. Raellen,

    Thanks for the info! What great tiiming, too! Please keep reading! Thanks for taking the time to write.


  3. Saw him on the Tonys and he stole the number from Daniel. Whenever he was on the screen my eyes noticed him. And not just to look at - his dancing was fab!

    There was another grey suited chorus boy who got my heart pounding too. Reminded me a little of an even cuter (if possible) Guy Pierce.


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