Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broadway Game: Jeopardy! Round 1

I don't know about you, but when the TV show Jeopardy! has "Broadway" or something related as a topic, I get really excited.  Inevitably, though, I either get disgusted because the answers, uh, questions are so easy or because the cover some obscure quote from Shakespeare or earlier!

Anyway, I came across this program that allows you to create a game board in the style of Jeopardy!, and I thought, "why not?"  So I created round one of a fun (I hope) and mildly challenging game with ALL Broadway related topics!

It works just like the TV game:

  1. Double-click on the link below and a new window will pop up. 
  2. Select the number of teams - by yourself = 1 Team, etc.
  3. Then the Jeopardy! board will appear.  Review the topics and start selecting!
  4. The answer comes up, and you verbally make your answer.  Click "Correct Answer" to see it. Click the + sign to add points automatically, and the - sign if you get it wrong.  The computer will automatically keep your score.
  5. Click "Continue" to make your next selection.  Keep going until all the squares have been chosen.  (You can impose your own time limit if you want...)

Unfortunately, there is no "Daily Double."  BUT if you want to have one and are willing to keep your own score after that, here's the square I intended to be "Daily Double" for this round: $400 under "Broadway Divas."

Good Luck!

To get started, double click below!

Look for Round 2 and Final Jeopardy! soon!  And if you have any great ideas for topics for Round 2 or Final Jeopardy! email them to me at


It is not too late to join the contest to win TWO FREE TICKETS to Broadway's The Normal Heart! Click HERE for complete rules and Trivia Question #1. Trivia question 2 is on Monday's blog, question 3 is on yesterday's blog.  Look for the final question at the end of tomorrow's blog, then enter to win!


Joe Mantello returns to acting again in The Normal Heart. He left the stage to begin directing.  He directed all of the following on Broadway EXCEPT:

A. Wicked
B. Assassins
C. 9 to 5: The Musical
D. Promises, Promises

Look for question #5 at the bottom of Thursday's blog! And remember, you need to give the letter AND the answer on your entry!

(Photo of The Normal Heart star Joe Mantello)  


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