Saturday, April 23, 2011

The 1st Annual Awards That Tony Forgot


I don't know about you, but as I attend new (and older) shows, I find myself amazed by many aspects of the production.  Sometimes they are obvious things, like a performance by a leading actress or a particularly amazing set for a play.  But more times than not it is something that I usually end asking, "Why don't they give out Tony Awards for THAT?"  You know, things like the Best Ensemble - those poor chorus guys and dolls who pretty up the background, dance their asses off, then come out for the curtain call only to watch half the audience running up the aisle as if the place were on fire.  Or maybe it is something more specific like a show logo that really catches your eye and is destined for a space on the wall in your family room.  Since I love musicals so much, I always wonder why there can't be a Best Song from a Broadway Musical Tony.

Well, this year, I thought it might be fun to actually create a set of just those kinds of awards, have all of you pick the categories, the nominees, and eventually the winners.  It could be a lot of fun and a great way to generate some positive buzz about shows long forgotten or really great aspects of an otherwise rotten show.

JK's TheatreScene Awards That Tony Forgot: The 2010 - 2011

BUT the only way it will really work is if a lot of you participate.  So, you take each survey, and get your theatre loving friends to take it, too.  And who knows?  Maybe when all is said and done, I can figure out a way to give some of you some small prizes for your efforts.

First things first.  Below is a link to a survey I created to determine which categories to include.  It would only allow me to make a 10 question survey, and I have at least 20 ideas myself, so if you can think of other good categories to include, be sure to type them in as your response to the last question!  The other nine questions are "yes" or "no."  Please answer all of the questions, including number 10.  This poll is completely anonymous, and I will only be able to see the results, not who answered.  Also, there is only one poll available to each entrant.


I will keep the poll open through May 2nd at 4 PM(Eastern).  The same day the Tony nominees are announced (May 3rd) I will post the next poll with all of the questions you chose, and you will be able to make nominations.  After that a final poll will take place as we all vote on the winners.  The winners will be announced the day of the Tony Awards, Sunday, June 11 in a very special TheatreScene column.

PLEASE!  Let's make this a lot of fun.  Get as many people as you can to vote in each poll!

REMEMBER: This poll will close on May 2nd at 12 noon (Eastern)!

Comments?  Leave one here, email me at or Tweet me!

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