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Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals: Part III: The Midwest

With the spring rush and awards season behind us, it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled content! Today, we continue our popular series Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals, focusing this time on the Midwest. The heartland is full of an amazing variety of shows as you'll see - a few Broadway classics, a few vintage shows you've probably never heard of, and a few flops. The map we are using has this region of the country including 12 states. Only Wisconsin will not be represented by a show that takes place (or at least partly) there. Better get on it, Cheese Heads!

Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals
Part III: The Midwest



Little Me

Mean Girls
40. Chicago - Setting: Chicago, late 1920's (1975, 46th Street Theatre, 936 performances)
41. Little Me - Setting: Chicago and Peoria (1962, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 257 performances)
42. Mean Girls - Setting: Kenya, Africa and Illinois (2018, August Wilson Theatre, 500 performances*)


The Prom


43. The Prom - Setting: New York City and Edgewater, Indiana (2018, Longacre Theatre, 251 performances*)
44. Seventeen - Setting: Indianapolis, 1907 (1951, Broadhurst Theatre, 182 performances)


The Bridges of Madison County

The Music Man

State Fair
45. The Bridges of Madison County - Setting: Winterset, Iowa, 1965 (2014, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, 100 performances)
46. The Music Man - Setting: River City, Iowa, 1912 (1957, Majestic Theatre, 1375 performances)
47. State Fair - Setting: Brunswick, Iowa and the Iowa State Fair (1996, The Music Box Theater, 110 performances)


Leap of Faith
48. Leap of Faith - Setting: Sweetwater, Kansas (2011, St, James Theatre, 19 performances)


Motown: The Musical
49. Motown: The Musical - Setting: Motor City (2013, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 738 performances)


Barefoot Boy with Cheek
50. Barefoot Boy with Cheek - Setting: The University of Minnesota (1947, Martin Beck Theatre, 108 performances)


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
51. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Setting: St. Petersburg, Missouri (2001, Minskoff Theatre, 21 performances)



52. Gantry - Setting: Omaha, Nebraska (1970, George Abbott Theatre, 1 performance)


The Royale Theatre, W. 45th Street

53. Mystery Moon - Setting: Portal, North Dakota (1930, Royale Theatre, 1 performance)



Bye Bye Birdie

Escape to Margaritaville
54. Bandstand - Setting: Cleveland, Ohio, 1945 (2017, Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, 166 performances)
55. Bye Bye Birdie - Setting: Sweet Apple, Ohio (1960, Martin Beck Theatre, 607 performances)
56. Escape to Margaritaville - Setting: The Caribbean and Ohio (2018, Marquis Theatre, 124 performances)


Image result for jennie broadway musical

57. Jennie - Setting: small town South Dakota (1963, Majestic Theatre, 83 performances)

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