Friday, June 21, 2019

The Friday 5: 5 Best Broadway Mezzanines

Seating preferences are a pretty personal choice. Some people have physical considerations when selecting a seat, others have financial constraints. Sometimes you have to go with what's available. We've all had great seats, and we've all had lousy seats.

If you've been to most Broadway theaters, you probably know that in addition to all of the above, picking a comfortable seat can be difficult, if not impossible. They are cramped, small and could use more cushion. Such is life when theaters are 100+ years old...and owners try to fit more people in.  However, not all theaters are created equal. This week's Friday 5 is all about our favorite Broadway mezzanines, where we find a great view, decent padding and leg room. Of course, your mileage may vary.

The Friday 5:
The 5 Best Broadway Mezzanines

5. Kerr Theatre
View: 10
Leg room: 7
Seat: 6
Avg.: 7.67

4. St. James Theatre
View: 10
Leg Room: 7
Seat: 7
Avg.: 8

3. Marquis Theatre
View: 10
Leg room: 8
Seat: 8
Avg.: 8.67

2. Samuel J. Freidman Theatre
View: 9
Leg room: 10
Seat: 8
Avg.: 9

1. Hudson Theatre*
View: 10
Leg room: 10
Seat: 10
Avg.: 10

* - The Hudson has Dress Circle and Balcony. We've sat in both sections with equal pleasure.


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