Friday, June 14, 2019

The Friday 5: 5 Times Broadway Had Puppets

In honor of the closing of Avenue Q and the Tony-winning King Kong, we use this week's Friday 5 to celebrate the art of puppetry. Over the years, we've seen some awesome, jaw-dropping stuff. From monsters and sluts to life-size horse warriors and even a gazelle or two, characters we never dreamed we'd see on a stage have come to vivid, incredible life right before our eyes.

The Friday 5
Favorite Broadway Puppets

5. Disney's Frozen
Well, there are only really two in this show, but they are very cute, and they represent two very different types of puppetry. It may be cold in Arendelle, but they warm our hearts!

4. King Kong
Kong himself is easily the most impressive single puppet I've ever seen. And not just because he's so freakin' big, but because the big lug made us feel. His death was heartbreaking. Then there's the show-within-the-show - watching the King's Company work their magic was just as impressive. Probably for the best that I don't say too much about that snake...

3. Disney's The Lion King
Probably the gold standard of ingenuity of puppetry in all of its many forms... and let's face it, Julie Taymor is a genius. No matter how many times I see "The Circle of Life," I am overwhelmed. And Zazu will always have a place in my heart.


2. War Horse
These animals - life-size, no less - are impressive from every angle. Despite the brilliant way that you can see how they are made and brought to life, your eyes, mind and heart see real horses. How about that goose!?

1. Avenue Q
Who would have guessed that hand puppets where you can see the humans operating them could be so profoundly affecting? Every visit was like going home and seeing old friends. Puppet sex is fun, but watching a slut turn her life around is even more exhilarating. Plus, Rod proves that not all Republicans are rotten to the core.


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