Friday, September 4, 2020

Broadway Games: Name That Show Tune!

Game day, Broadway fans! This week, you will be figuring out the title of a famous show tune. All you have to do is figure out the words below based on the clues. The letters that fit in the orange spaces will eventually spell out the name of a song. Also, the answers to last week's game are at the bottom. Good luck and have a safe, healthy weekend!

Broadway Games
Name That Show Tune!

           𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡              "I'm not giving away ______" (2 words)
   𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡             You kiss a fish at this show (3 words)
        𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                   Vehicle for Lindsay Mendez' Tony win (1 word)
                   𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡               Peter Pan's gal pal (1 word)
           𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                   Her name is on everybody's lips (1 word)
           𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                        The Jagged Little Pill family name (1 word)
              𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                     The man behind Shuffle Along (1 word)
                   𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡             Designer Beowulf (1 word)
         𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                            Be ____ Chill (1 word)
      𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡               Musical of 80's hits, not "Oh, Sherrie" (3 words)
                𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡             Buddy, Sally, Benji and Phyllis' show (1 word)
                𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                Simba's dad (1 word)
             𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡           She's the reigning Regina George (2 words)
𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡𞠡                          Ain't _____ _____ (2 words)


*****     *****     *****
Answers to Last Week's Game

GWhich Broadway house is closest to the Hudson River?
EWhat 1972 musical famously created the first television commercial for a Broadway Show?
HSix refers to what group of women?
ALThe opera Madame Butterfly serves as the basis for what musical?
SNWhat experiment is Dr. Jekyll working on in Jekyll and Hyde?
SLThe play Take Me Out centers around what (to date) fictional issue in baseball?

GThe Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center
HThe six wives of Henry VIII
ALMiss Saigon
SNSeparating the good and evil that are found in everyone
SLAn active professional baseball player comes out of the closet, announcing publicly that he is gay.

GOn what continent does Priscilla Queen of the Desert take place?
EWhat musical phenomenon appeared on the October 11, 1982 cover of Newsweek?
HWho was the U.K. Prime Minister during the events depicted in Billy Elliot: The Musical?
ALWhat Shakespearean tragedy is, at least in part, the basis of The Lion King?
SNFrom what physical manifestation of a psychological trauma does Tommy, the pinball wizard suffer?
SLWhat sport do Lysistrata Jones, The Full Monty and Promises, Promises have in common?

HMargaret Thatcher
SNHe's deaf, dumb and blind.

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