Friday, September 11, 2020

Broadway Games: Which Came First?

Congratulations, reader! You made it to Friday! Now, here's a little diversion to help satisfy your hunger for Broadway. Which came first? (The answers to last week's game are below, too.)

Broadway Games:
Which Came First?

1. Sydney Lucas or the opening night of Mamma Mia!?

2. The Broadhurst Theatre or the Majestic Theatre?

3. Ben Platt's Broadway debut or Will Roland's Broadway debut?

4. In Hello, Dolly!, "Dancing" or "Elegance"?

5. Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs or Broadway Bound?


You Will Be Found

MY SHOT     "I'm not giving away ______" (2 words)
COME FROM AWAY     You kiss a fish at this show (3 words)
CAROUSEL     Vehicle for Lindsay Mendez' Tony win (1 word)

WENDY     Peter Pan's gal pal (1 word)
ROXIE     Her name is on everybody's lips (1 word)
HEALY     The Jagged Little Pill family name (1 word)
WOLFE     The man behind Shuffle Along (1 word)

BORITT     Designer Beowulf (1 word)
MORE     Be ____ Chill (1 word)

ROCK OF AGES     Musical of 80's hits, not "Oh, Sherrie" (3 words)
FOLLIES     Buddy, Sally, Benji and Phyllis' show (1 word)
MUFASA     Simba's dad (1 word)
RENEE RAPP     She's the reigning Regina George (2 words)
TOO PROUD     Ain't _____ _____ (2 words)


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