Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The 2020 Tony Awards: Jeff & Mike's Tony Nominations Musical Categories Wish List

If for no other reasons than it'll be something to look forward to and it is an attempt at normalcy, we are excited about the recent announcement that the 2020 Tony Awards will be taking place. Like every other aspect of life these days, it won't be like anything we've known before. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Who knows? Maybe this forced creative change may bring about something new and enduring!

In any case, Mike and I had fun talking shows and deliberating over who we thought was worthy and who would be left out. We only saw the four eligible musicals during the abbreviated season, so those were the only categories we could discuss. And in several cases, narrowing the choices to just three nominees was not that easy. Of course, on the flip side, it was really easy to eliminate one of the four in several categories.

For the first time since we've been doing this, Mike and I agreed on every single choice! That includes feeling that The Lightning Thief should be nominated for Best Score * on principle, along with other choices from plays, but would also understand if it was left out or the end up eliminating the category entirely. (We can't speak to the quality of potential play score nominees.) Similarly, in the Best Actor in a Musical category **, we felt that both Chris McCarrell and Aaron Tveit were worthy of being nominated, but would understand if the voters decide to name either one, or neither one. I can't wait to find out how we did!

The uncertainty of it all has at least gotten our theater blood going again. And rather than grouse about what might have been, or being negative about the whole thing, we are both just happy to have what we have. The bottom line is that there have been many seasons that have gone off without a hitch that have had much less quality to them, and even one that had fewer musicals to choose from. To paraphrase Spamalot, we are looking on the bright side of life.

The 2020 Tony Awards
Jeff & Mike's Tony Nominations
Musical Categories Wish List


Jeff & Mike's 2020 Tony Award Nominations Wish List
Best MusicalJagged Little Pill
Moulin Rouge!
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Jagged Little Pill

Best Book of a MusicalDiablo CodyJagged Little Pill
Katori HallTina: The Tina Turner Musical
John LoganMoulin Rouge!

Best Score Written for the Theater *Rob RokickiThe Lightning Thief
Best OrchestrationsTom KittJagged Little Pill
Justin Levine, with Matt Stine, Katie Kresek & Charlie RosenMoulin Rouge!
Ethan PoppTina: The Tina Turner Musical

The Lightning Thief

Best ChoreographySidi Larbi CherkaouiJagged Little Pill
Sonya TayehMoulin Rouge!
Anthony Van LaastTina: The Tina Turner Musical

Best Direction
of a Musical
Phyllida LloydTina: The Tina Turner Musical
Diane PaulusJagged Little Pill
Alex TimbersMoulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge!

Best Scenic Design
of a Musical
Riccardo Hernández &
Lucy Mackinnon
Jagged Little Pill
Derek McLaneMoulin Rouge!
Mark Thompson &
Jeff Sugg
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical
Best Costume Design of a MusicalSydney MarescaThe Lightning Thief
Mark ThompsonTina: The Tina Turner Musical
Catherine ZuberMoulin Rouge!
Best Lighting Design of a MusicalBruno PoetTina: The Tina Turner Musical
Justin TownsendJagged Little Pill
Justin TownsendMoulin Rouge!
Best Sound Design of a MusicalJonathan DeansJagged Little Pill
Peter HylenskiMoulin Rouge!
Nevin SteinbergTina: The Tina Turner Musical

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Best Actor in a Featured Role in a MusicalDanny BursteinMoulin Rouge!
Sean Allan KrillJagged Little Pill
Daniel J. WattsTina: The Tina Turner Musical

Best Actress in a Featured Role in a MusicalCelia Rose GoodingJagged Little Pill
Robyn HurderMoulin Rouge!
Lauren PattenJagged Little Pill

Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical **Chris McCarrellThe Lightning Thief
Aaron TveitMoulin Rouge!

Best Actress in a Leading Role in a MusicalKaren OlivoMoulin Rouge!
Elizabeth StanleyJagged Little Pill
Adrienne WarrenTina: The Tina Turner Musical

Wish List
Final Tally
Moulin Rouge!13
Jagged Little Pill12
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical11
The Lightning Thief3


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