Friday, September 18, 2020

Broadway Games: Six More Degrees of Broadway Separation

Can you figure out how these shows connect to each other in order? Are they connected by an actor? A director? The theater they played in? Or something else altogether? Remember, you are figuring out how show 1 connects to show 2, how show 2 in turn relates to show 3, and so on.  Good luck!

Broadway Games:
Six More Degrees of Broadway Separation

1.  Torch Song (2018) to Jagged Little Pill

 to  to 

to  to  to 

2.  Rocky to Newsies

 to  to 

 to  to  to 

3.  Pippin to Les Miserables (1987)

 to  to 

 to  to  to 

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Which Came First?

1. Mamma Mia! came first, opening on October 18, 2001. Sydney Lucas didn't make her earthly debut until 2003.

2. The Broadhurst came first. The Majestic Theatre opened on March 28, 1927, with the musical revue Rufus LeMaire's Affairs; the Broadurst Theatre opened on September 27, 1917, with the original production of George Bernard Shaw's Misalliance.

3. Ben Platt was first, with his debut in The Book of Mormon in January 2014. Will Roland made his debut in 2016 as an original cast member of Dear Evan Hansen.

4. Both songs featured Irene, Cornelius, Minnie Fay and Barnaby, but "Dancing" came first in act one, while "Elegance" was an act two number.

5. Both plays are a part of Neil Simon's "B Trilogy." Brighton Beach Memoirs was first, opening in 1983. Broadway Bound was the final chapter, opening in 1986. (The middle play, Biloxi Blues, opened in 1985.)


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