Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ms. Broadway February 2011: The Fabulous ZaZa

Ms. Broadway February 2010: The Fabulous ZaZa!

WHY SHE'S MS. BROADWAY: For a gal that has been on Broadway as many times as she has, and all the awards she's won, she seemed due for such recognition. PLUS, today she is getting a MAJOR makeover.  You could say she's the author of her own fate!  And side kudos to her ever-faithful partner, Georges!  They certainly light up the club scene!

Currently appearing in: La Cage aux Folles at the Longacre, by way of St. Tropez
Other Credits: La Cage aux Folles at the Palace Theatre, La Cage aux Folles at the Marquis Theatre
Education:  ZaZa is a student of life... and boy, does she LIVE.  She's been all over the world.  Rumor has it she even did a show for the penguins in Antarctica.

And now... here's ZaZa!

ZaZa Today!

aka Harvey Fierstein 

ZaZa, Georges and Les Cagelles
aka Harvey Fierstein and Jeffrey Tambor

ZaZa Through the Years:
Her First New York Appearance
1983 - 1987

aka George Hearn

Gene Barry and George Hearn

Gene Barry and Walter Charles

Van Johnson and George Hearn

ZaZa Returns!

aka Gary Beach

And what girl doesn't love her name in lights?

Gary Beach and Daniel Davis

Zaza Returns!  Again!
2010 - 2011

aka Douglas Hodge and Kelsey Grammer

To New York by way of London!

Again...what girl doesn't love her name in lights?

ZaZa is so fabulous that they made a doll of her likeness!


and her Tony Awards debut in 1984...

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