Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The 1st Annual Awards That Tony Forgot Awards: The NOMINATIONS

Thank you to all of you who took the time to take the survey which asked which categories to include in this The 1st Annual Awards That Tony Forgot Awards!  I got lots of write-in suggestions, and picked the 4 most suggested that had more than three potential nominees.  The one that got the most write-in votes that I didn't pick - Special "Something" for the Puppetry in War Horse, will be given a Special Award all by itself, especially since nearly half of you who write something in wrote that!  I also picked the 12 categories that the majority of you (2/3 or better) said "YES" to include.

War Horse: Special Award Winner

Now comes the more interesting (and slightly more time consuming) part: selecting nominees for each award.  Because of the limitations of free Zoomerang surveys and polls, I had to create two surveys of 8 questions each.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO ANSWER BOTH PARTS!





  • Each category has several possible nominees AND a place for you to write in your nominees if they are not already there.  NOTE: The pre-written nominees are NOT MEANT TO BE ALL OF THE CHOICES.  I AM COUNTING ON YOU TO ADD YOUR CHOICES!!
  • For each category, select as many pre-written choices as you'd like AND write in your other choices.  Most categories allow you up to 5 total nominees.  Others with fewer potential choices have fewer allowed to be chosen.
  • Take your time!  You can start and come back, you can do one part one day, the other another day.  The nomination process will allow the surveys to remain open until 6PM EST on Sunday, May 15th.
MOST IMPORTANTLY! Please pass this along to your other theatre-loving friends!  Tweet them, Facebook them, text them, email them, heck, even call them on the phone!  The more votes the better!

After the nominees are figured, the final ballot will be posted, you'll be able to vote for your absolute favorites, and the award winners will be announced on Tony Awards Day, Sunday, June 12th!

Thanks to all of you who continually participate and make JK's TheatreScene all that much more fun to write every day.

Comments?  Suggestions?  leave them here, email me at jkstheatrescene@yahoo.com or Tweet me!

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