Monday, April 8, 2019

BROADWAY HEAT: Ain't Too Proud Edition: The Sweet 16

HOT on Broadway (adj): fierce, talented, big potential; has "buzz"; has "it" factor.

BROADWAY HEAT: Ain't Too Proud Edition

And just like that, there are just 16 cast members from Ain't Too Proud left, so this week, your votes will narrow them down to an Elite 8.  Below is the poll - and each pair is seeded (#1 and #16, #2 and #15, etc.)

You'll vote for one of each of 8 pairs. Either click the box next to their name, or, if you are on your phone or tablet, you can tap their picture. Thanks for voting!

MOST IMPORTANTLY -You must click the orange "Finish Survey" box at the bottom of the poll, or your vote will not count.


These cast members did not move on to the next round:

Esther Antoine
Derrick Baskin

Taylor Symone Jackson
Marcus Paul James

James Harkness
Jahi Kearse

Rashidra Scott
Nasia Thomas


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