Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Standing @ Zero: Hadestown's Timothy Hughes

So, why "Standing at Zero"? You know the numbers across the front of the stage? Zero is center, and we are putting one performer front and center. This month's honoree made headlines with the snatch heard 'round the world. This outstanding triple threat reached down into the Frozen audience and grabbed a Trump banner from a screaming audience member. Politics and a Disney musical don't mix, and Timothy Hughes did what he had to do to restore order. Didn't miss a beat! Now he's helping to make magic happen 8 times a week in Hell.

Standing @ Zero:
Timothy Hughes

Timothy's credits include numerous appearances with Broadway Bares, the national touring company of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and turns on Broadway in Chaplin, Frozen and, currently, Hadestown.

Chaplin (left)

Chaplin (center)

With the Chaplin company (far right)


Hadestown (far left)

 Broadway Bares - possibly NSFW


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